"Your mouth is the doorway to your body and health…"

  • Are You Looking To Be Treated Naturally, with Natural Products?
  • Have You Been to Multiple Dentists with Your Problems But Still No Solution?
  • Do You want Your Mouth Healed Not Just Patched Up?
  • Are You Looking for Simplified Solutions to Natural Health?
  • Are You Looking for Information On Using Natural Ways to Build Your Health?
If this sounds like you, biological dentistry may be a great fit for you or your family.

Dr Thomas Lokensgard - Holistic Dentist

Thomas Lokensgard, DDS, NMD, ABAAHP



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We know that many of our patients have been to other dentists and doctors and have been unhappy when told that they’re crazy for not accepting traditional dental practices.
Instead we want to support and treat your conditions in ways that are more effective than the traditional approach.

You’ll work alongside us and your other practitioners to support your wellness. The holistic biological dentistry approach is simply a more natural approach, and you’ll find a whole different perspective to wellness and dentistry than you’ve experienced in the past.


We're located south of Nashville, in Franklin, Tennessee. We have a lot of fun here, and look forward to making your holistic dental care the best possible experience. 

~Yours for holistic health!







Safe Mercury Removal
We have developed a heavy metal detoxification program to help you achieve mercury detoxification and optimal health.

Biological Dentistry
Biological dentists use natural therapies to prevent, diagnose, and help treat oral diseases.

Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry
We specialize in cosmetic, all porcelain veneers, partial crowns (onlays and inlays) and crowns using the most bio-available filling matierals.


Functional Orthodontics
Functional Appliances help adjust the position of the teeth and jaws, producing better facial balance.

Sleep Apnea, Snoring, & Insomnia
Dentistry plays a huge role in this largely undiagnosed syndrome. CPAP may not be the answer for you where as a dental appliance may be better suited to help you.

Ozone Therapies
Ozone therapy is a safe way to reduce dangerous bacteria growth in your mouth as well as increase the speed of healing and recovery.


Oral Sedation for Adults & Children
Dental patients with anxiety, fear of needles, or prior dental trauma, can take oral medication in order to reduce their anxieties and to relieve pain.

Periodontal Disease and Silent Inflammation
Our approach to dentistry is to integrate the detection of inflammation as it relates to your overall wellness.

In-house Seminars
Join us for regular webinars and educational seminars both at our office and around the Nashville area.






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"Dr. Thom put me on a practical path of holistic self-care. He has been an integral part in encouraging me to take self-responsibility for my health."

Realtor, Benchmark Realty, LLC, Columbia, Tennessee


More Testimonials

"Dr. Thom's expertise in biological dentistry and functional medicine uniquely qualifies him to be of tremendous value to his patients. He draws from a deep well of knowledge, coupled with wisdom, compassion, and kindness."

Franklin, Tennessee

More Testimonials

"As one of my main objectives for clearing the mercury and other toxic burdens on my thyroid/adrenals/gut health, my clinical nutritionist referred me to Dr. Thomas Lokensgard for the removal of my amalgam fillings. He was very careful to work closely with me in order to help get me back on the path of total wellbeing."

Island, Kentucky

More Testimonials

"It is just such a pleasure to know Dr. Thom and have him as my own personal dentist. Not only is he a huge advocate and supporter of the Weston A. Price Foundation, he also takes all the time in the world getting to know you as a patient. He treats you carefully, based on your specific needs and all his treatments are in line with healthy Weston A. Price principles. If you're looking for the most incredible, holistic, and cutting-edge dental treatment all from the Weston Price perspective, go to this clinic. Not only is Dr. Thom brilliant, but you won't find a nicer human being on the planet."

SHAWN DADY, President, Tennesseans For Raw Milk
Weston A. Price Chapter Leader, Nashville/Brentwood/Franklin

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Scheduling Your First Visit? Here's What to Expect…

Thanks for choosing the more natural approach to dentistry. During your visits with our team you’ll find we understand your concerns, and take them seriously.