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"Where Physiology Meets
Dentistry and Oral Medicine"

What is Biological Dentistry?

  • Diagnosing oral infections and oral disease
  • Identifying oral inflammatory disease biomarkers
  • Understanding heavy metal toxicity and it’s physiological effects
  • Knowing how to render damaging and toxic heavy metals inactive by proper removal (IAOMT Protocol)
  • Implementing proper detoxification protocols
  • Carefully designing detoxification protocols and detox testing
  • Choosing the best replacement dental materials (Serum compatibility testing)
  • Understanding the oral inflammatory connection to chronic degenerative disease
  • Understanding the role of nutrition in oral and systemic chronic degenerative disease
  • Explaining the periodontal-oral inflammatory and cardiovascular connection (Oral-DNA testing)
  • Knowing the functional orthodontic- TMD connection
  • Understanding how to manage acute and chronic inflammation (NFkb)
  • Identifying osteoporosis and it’s role in oral and gingival-periodontal health
  • Practicing neuromuscular and functional appliance dentistry
  • Incorporating sleep medicine and OSA into your practice.
  • Incorporating the role of immunity (The NEI-GI oral brain connection)
  • Developing and utilizing nutrients that support oral health and bone health
  • Understanding PH, saliva, and gut health
  • Utilizing nutrients that support systemic health
  • Utilizing natural methods to maintain oral and systemic health
  • Managing pain naturally as a 1st line defense


  • To eliminate oral disease.
  • To restore the oral environment to a healthy function and a healthy state.
  • To eliminate gingivitis, periodontal disease, oral inflammation and infection.
  • To eliminate cavitations, galvanism and heavy metal toxicity, and to return the body to homeostasis (holistic balance).
  • To restore proper TMD function and occlusal stability (including neuro-muscular function).
  • To eliminate arch instability and deficiency (narrow arch form).
  • To increase masticatory and orthognathic functi​

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Call us today at 1-615-481-4555 for more information, or to schedule an appointment. 
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Biological Dentistry
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