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Functional Orthopedic Orthodontics
Invisible Braces / Mouthguards

Early Interceptive Orthodontics

      Today, orthodontists, pediatric dentists and general dentists are discussing and
      treating orthopedic problems in the mixed dentition (early facial development). 
      Early treatment is superior treatment. This creates a broad, beautiful smile, 
      healthy TM joints, a fully developed airway, and a full, natural jaw line.

Some orthodontic practitioners gear their practices to treatment in the permanent dentition only. This completely misses a window of opportunity to capitalize on the facial growth plates. By using expansion appliances, we deliver slow, steady forces to the growth plates. (Called Slow Palatal Expansion)

Clearly, any orthodpedic problem such as a constricted (narrow) upper arch, retrognathic mandible (displaced chin), or a deep overbite is much easier to treat in this mixed dentition stage, by utilizing the growth plates of the face.

When treatment is instituted early, 80% of the malocclusion (bad bite) can be treated with orthopedic expansion appliances and the remaining 20% solved with the straight wire appliances (fixed braces). This two phase treatment approach ensures that approximately 95% of our mixed dentition cases can be treated non-extraction and non-surgically.

Functional Appliances help adjust the position of the teeth and jaws, producing better facial balance.

It is best to make corrections at an early age to ensure proper growth of the teeth. We are capitalizing on the genetics and facial growth plates of the individual.

Notice how the jaw comes forward, giving a nice, natural profile.

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PPM Elite Mouthguard 
Recommended for Contact Sports

       Custom Fit​

       This is a power bite mouth guard specifically designed for athletes. 
       Used for  strength training and any and all contact sports.

       Scientifically proven:
  • Increases your strength, energy, and stamina
  • Protects teeth related injuries
  • Helps prevent TMJ injuries
  • Increases oxygen intake
  • Increases blood circulation to the head

      Invisible Clear Braces

       Invisible, clear braces are ideal for minor tooth crowding situations. The trays 
       are comfortable and removeable, thus allowing you to eat and brush without 
       the interference of traditional braces.

       We are certified in both Clear Correct™ and Invisalign® procedures.

       Show off your smile!

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