Thomas J. Lokensgard, DDS, NMD, ABAAHP
"Where Physiology Meets
Dentistry and Oral Medicine"

Sharri Maynard, RDH
"Sharri is a bubbly, gregarious, and highly experienced hygienist who will make your smile brighter and your dental visit a memorable one. You will be looking forward to your next dental cleaning!"
Lisa Stewart, RDH
​"Lisa is a caring and skilled hygienist that will take great care of you! Our patients simply enjoy getting to know her and so will you. Your smile will be the better for it!"
Meet Our Dentistry Team
Melinda Marshall, 
Financial Coordinator
"Melinda is a true southern gal who makes you feel like you should have a glass of “sweet tea” as you sit and talk about your financial arrangements."
Melinda’s Story
     I began my career in dentistry 30 years ago as a Registered Dental Assistant. 
     The last 10 years of my career I have focused more on front office management with an education in Business Communication and Business Management. 
     My husband Allen and I live in Franklin, Tennessee. I was born and raised in this area and we have five children (a set a twin sons) and six grandchildren.
     Outside of work, I enjoy doing photography and have a few of my pieces displayed here at the office. 
     I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Lokensgard in 2008, and I was more than eager to have the opportunity to work with him again.
     We have an amazing team at the Centre of Holistic and Biological Dentistry and I am very proud to call them my family.

Lisa’s Story
​     I joined the Centre for Holistic and Biological Dentistry with over 30 years of dental experience. 
     I graduated with a Dental Hygiene degree from Ferris State University. My first 20 years of dental practice were in Grand Rapids, Dearborn, and Westland, Michigan. 
     I relocated to Nashville in 2007, along with two teenagers. Each one has now graduated from college and are enjoying their lives in the Nashville area. 
     I embrace the world of country music here in Nashville. I enjoy traveling, especially to the mountains. I have been blessed to have spent time in Colorado and Alaska. 
     I love vegetable and flower gardening! I also can be found some weekends on a 4 wheeler running through mud puddles. 
     I enjoy the energy of our office and I love the partnership where we are a true team of dental providers.        My goal as a Dental Hygienist is to support your therapy with our Holistic view of Dentistry. 
     I enjoy educating patients and allowing them to take control of their own dental health. 
     Your greatest accessory is your smile. Have a beautiful one!!

Sharri’s Story
     I come to Dr. Lokensgard and our Centre for Holistic and Biological Dentistry with 27 years of Dental Hygiene experience, earning my degree in Dental Hygiene from the University of Alaska, Anchorage and a Business Management degree from Leslie University in Cambridge Massachusetts. 
     I’m originally from the North East (Upstate New York/Vermont/ Boston), and have been very fortunate to have traveled to several countries as well as lived abroad, in both South Africa and Japan. 
     I have a daughter and twin sons and currently love living in Franklin, Tennessee!      
    Of all the blessings of living here, my work team is at the top of the list. We are an amazingly, cohesive, connected group. 
     Much more than a means of employment, the staff, Dr. Lokensgard, and our patients have a like mindedness and lifestyle that goes well beyond dentistry. Our patients are amazing! We have the most beautiful smiles, from age 2 to age 87. 
     With a wealth of information and research, our patients come to us primarily because they care about their health and seek out a more natural, holistic approach in all areas of their life. I learn something from them every day.

Laura Lindsey, RDA
Joyce Bender, RDA
"Laura is a warm and friendly dental assistant with a great smile. A clone of Joyce, she is here to make your dental visit a fun, memorable, and pleasant experience. You’ll walk in as a friend, and leave as family."
"Joyce is a fun, knowledgeable dental assistant who is good at explaining your dental procedures. Her great sense of humor will put you at ease and have you laughing long after you leave."
Laura’s Story
​     I enjoy anything outdoors, music, Georgia football, my friends, and my family.  Originally from a small mountain town in Georgia, I moved to the Nashville area of Tennessee to advance my career.    
    Completing the dental assisting program at Kaplan University, I graduated on the Dean’s list.  I was surprised by my instructor to be told I was selected to join Dr Lokensgard at the Centre for Holistic and Biological Dentistry.  
     Mentoring under Joyce, I quickly advanced in my knowledge and hands on experience as a Dental Assistant.  We love to joke and tease one another, which contributes to the fun and laughter we share. 
     I love working with Dr. Lokensgard and our whole team. He makes it so easy to continue to be passionate about our job and our patients. 
     I am especially fond of the children and love seeing the orthodontic results.  
     I look forward to seeing  
your smiling faces!
Joyce’s Story
​    ​I love my job! It’s true. I am so fortunate to work with the best Team. 
     When you come to our office you will find laughter, love, and song. We work for an amazing doctor. Dr. Lokensgard has taught me so much during the time I have known him and continues to share his knowledge with us, our guests, and truly the world. 
     I was raised in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee on a 60 acre farm. This is where I learned to work hard and to “rest” with my eyes open. Ha! This part has served me well at work.
    I enjoy meeting our guests, hearing about their journeys, and making them a part of our family here at our office. 
     I have been in dentistry for over 34 years now. I continued my education with a national license and obtained my Certified Dental Coder license. 
     I have taught dental assisting and even helped to write the curriculum for Lamar University in Texas and   co-author a book on Dental Assisting. 
     My husband Harold, is our office mascot.  Come to our home here and let us serve you with smiles, laugher, compassion, and love. Hope to see you soon.
Sharyn’s Story
​     I began my career as a Certified Dental Assistant in Livingston, New Jersey working 15 years for a wonderful father/son practice. 
     My husband, Phil, daughter Amy, and dog Allie, relocated to Franklin in 1997. Our new neighbors shared their southern hospitality and made us feel right at home. 
     Back then, our new house was surrounded by peaceful and beautiful farmland. However, overtime the farms morphed from pastures to new sub-divisions, satisfying the demand for homes proving that our community was growing in popularity and population. 
     I love my family, my job, my dog, and tennis, in no particular order. My husband and I are now empty-nesters and enjoy visiting new restaurants, traveling, and playing with our Golden Retriever, Sophie.     
     Once we settled in Franklin, I decided to move from dental assisting to assisting our patients at the front desk. I was thrilled when I was invited to join Dr. Lokensgard’s new practice and I look forward to introducing myself and meeting you! 

(If you’re from Jersey, please tell me which exit!)    
Sharyn Nathanson, 
Front Desk Coordinator
"Sharyn will see you after your visit and check you out. This will be your chance to check her out cuz being from “Jersey” you may get a taste of her humor and style."