The Dentists at Centre for Holistic and Biological Dentistry


Dr. Thomas James Lokensgard

Born and raised in Minnesota, Dr Thom received his Bachelor of Science at Concordia College in Moorehead. Originally planning on a career as a medical doctor, he instead enrolled at the University of Minnesota DDS program where he received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS).

With his passion for the nutritional- medical model in medicine, Dr Thom persued a Naturopathic Medical Degree (NMD), from Clayton College of Natural Health in Birmingham, Alabama, graduating with highest honors. He went on to become board certified with the A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) and earned the fellowship status (ABAAHP).

As an author, speaker, and musician, Dr Lokensgard’s interests, gifts, and talents are far reaching, but his family and Christian faith are the most important to him. After that the rest just falls into place. Read more for Dr. Thom’s Bio.


Dr. Valerie Warren

Setting a new whole-health trend in dentistry.

We would like to introduce you to Dr. Valerie Warren. Dr. Warren has been practicing dentistry for 19 years and is very excited to join our team at the Center for Holistic and Biological Dentistry. Dr. Warren  loves to connect with patients and show them how the right kind of dentistry can enhance their life. Dr. Valerie Warren has always been an advocate for continued education as it allows her to pass her knowledge onto her patients and guide her patients to a sustainable health routine. Dr. Valerie graduated from University of Kentucky College of Dentistry in 2001.

‘‘I strive to provide you with the best care available, in the best facility available, from an honest, kind, and caring provider. One who has the highest level of education and who’ll treat you like her own family.”

Born and raised in Owensboro, KY, I knew I wanted a career that provided me the opportunity to care for and connect with people. I explored all aspects of healthcare and decided dentistry allowed me to combine my love for people, holistic/ functional health, science, beauty, and art. 

I am a very sensitive person. I like it when people smile at me. From the time I was a little girl, I judged whether I had gained a teacher’s approval by whether she smiled at me or not. This led me to my belief that a smile, both given and received, can change the way we feel and live.

My passion for practicing a functional, holistic model of healthcare is grounded in my family’s own personal health journey. I learned through this, the importance of nutrition, sleep, and stress in our overall health and wellness. My commitment lies in helping each of my patients achieve their healthiest smile and self.

Away from dentistry, I love to exercise, anything nutrition and health-related, and I love being a mom to my amazing boys. 


Dr. Carol Nixon, DDS

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Carol Nixon to The Centre for Holistic and Biological Dentistry!

A mom herself, you can be assured that she will care for your precious little ones as she does her own. Dr. Carol became a pediatric dentist because her childhood pediatric dentist made such great, positive experiences, and she would like to make that part of your child’s memory as well. Patients and parents alike appreciate her warm, upbeat personality and calm demeanor….especially with the most anxious of patients!

Dr. Carol is a board certified pediatric dentist. She attended The Ohio State University for her undergraduate education and had a career in sales before entering dental school. She completed her dental education at Meharry Medical College here in Nashville. Dr. Carol completed a clinically and didactically intensive pediatric dental residency at Case Western Reserve University which allowed her to obtain a profound experience in treating both well patients and patients with special needs. She is proficient in contemporary restorative and surgical methods, including laser dentistry.

The cornerstone of each appointment is prevention and you will find that she loves to encourage her patients and is happy to answer any questions you may have during your visit. In her time away from the office, she enjoys spending time with her family and their dachshund, Barkley. Together they enjoy outdoor activities and going to sporting events. Dr. Carol is also a self-proclaimed foodie and enjoys trying new restaurants, cooking at home, and watching the Food Network.